About Longhorn eLearning Platform

Longhorn eLearning Platform is a digital product of Longhorn Publishers Limited. The platform is uniquely developed to deliver personalized eLearning items in various digital formats to the schooling generation. Longhorne-platform has been integrated with a lot of interactive facets and materials, graphical representation of pupil’s/ student’s performance and comprehensive progress reports, all aimed at enabling the user obtain maximum utilization of digital content and the opportunities that abound digital technologies.

The pupils, teachers/ instructors and the general readership will certainly find the platform extremely useful in teaching and learning. The application is user friendly and is creatively designed to ensure the users navigate through the platform easily, access eLearning materials faster, utilize content pleasantly and in the process obtain a great fulfillment in user experience.

Some of the contents and functionalities of the platform include the following:

  • Link questions with short notes for quick revision
  • Identify student’s weaknesses intelligently and offer rewards
  • User can generate progress reports
  • Contents for all levels and for all subjects have been incorporated (ECDE, Primary and Secondary)
  • Provide thorough revision for KCPE and KCSE Exams
  • Well researched Revision Questions for all the levels and classes with auto-test, auto-mark and auto time capabilities
  • Content access is via subscription either as Basic, Classic or Premium